Body Temple

Body Temple

I first encountered this word when I visited Allahabad Cantonment for my CDS interview almost 13 years back. This word was painted on the wall of Gym in the cantonment. I quite could not relate the words Temple and Body. I saw some muscular man pumping irons sweating heavily so how can it be called a Temple. For me Temple is a place where you go wearing neat and clean dress definitely you have to take a shower before entering it. I thought its called Body Temple may be because it helps building a body like a Greek God as they are muscular, well-toned body with six packs. Anyways I was not interested in becoming a Greek God so did not pay any heed to the word, as I continued with my life.


But I recently found the true meaning of this term. In recent months I  had my own certain challenges of health and quickly needed to amend my lifestyle, my thoughts and feelings so I now realized the significance of calling Body a Temple.

Unhealthy Food
Body in Pain

Our body is like a Temple. Just think when you are planning to visit or to be precise to enter a Temple you ensure everything is neat and clean about yourself so we take a shower as it washes away all impurities. We even offer clean and fresh fruits or vegetable to the Deity and to our best possibilities enter the premises with clean thoughts devoid of anger, jealousy and greed. We ensure we do not take anything unclean, as we fear God would not accept it and may get angry on us as we have to face the wrath of the Almighty. We all try our level best to please the God.

So, our physical body is same like a temple, we should eat hygienic food, thoughts of the mind should be clear which will be pleasantly accepted. If we enter unhygienic food which I mean is oily, greasy, spicy, etc. That repels and the Body God becomes unhappy and curses us with ailments. Same goes for our thoughts, feeling of fear, anger, uncertainty are unacceptable to the body. So we face its wrath by bouts of anxiety, depression, leading ourselves to be burnt rather than the person or situation we wanted to burn with our anger.

Healthy Food

So, lets feed our body with neat and clean food , our minds with thought of positivity, gratitude as the Body God readily accepts it as we are blessed with a good physical life.

Author Praying
joss sticks or agarbattis

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