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Birthdays, when we were kids it was an occasion that our parents would celebrate for us and we would greedily look forward for this day to receive gifts. When we moved to college and left our parent’s home our friends would celebrate for us as, it was a day when we would buy them drinks and dinner. But as we grow old this date has lost it’s significance and was left to only exchange of WhatsApp greetings.

Birthdays are special. It is an event to celebrate your arrival to this world. It is the only day in your life which is truly dedicated to you. It is the only celebration that centers around you. Rest all festivals and occasions are dedicated to others,  sometimes to Gods, at times to seasons and rest to famous people . So in a true sense this is the most important date of your life.

It is also a day to be grateful that we are born as human being to enjoy the pleasures of life. Because we came to this world rest everything happened. So be grateful to the people and the power who brought you to this world. It is a day to be kind to others, offer help to the needy who needs your compassion. It is a day to thank your friends and families who has been there with you throughout the time. As it is said that life is a continuous process of learning so analyze the year which passed by the lessons it had for you to learn and look for the future to make it a better tomorrow.

birthday after age
celebrating birthday
the best gift is you

So celebrate your birthdays with pomp and gaiety. Make it special. It is a day to make your soul happy and do whatever brings happiness be it charity or partying hard.

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