Toilet Paper Crisis

The Toilet Paper Crisis

World with mask

Over the past couple of months since February 2020 there are lockdowns announced across the world by various governments. So people are living in fear that they don’t run out of essential supplies – Rice, Pulses, Vegetables as production and supply chain may be impacted. For the men folks’ essential supplies also include their daily dose of spirit as well so they are stocking enough alcohol to keep their spirits high at least for couple of months. People are running helter-skelter, getting up very early in the morning to run to the grocery store or at times queuing up for hours in front of a departmental store to ensure that their families have enough provisions to survive.

We living in Eastern part of the world is coming across news that in Western countries there is big Toilet Paper crisis simmering. There are riots and looting as people are trying to get hold of Toilet Papers. Many nations had to make announcements and assure their citizens that the country has enough stock of Toilet Papers at least for couple of years. Living in Eastern countries like India we are puzzled how unavailability of Toilet Papers can be a crisis. Over here we are running to multiple grocery stores so that we can stock enough Rice, Pulses and Wheat for our families to survive on being locked up in our houses for few months. Stocking of Toilet Paper or queuing up to get a roll of toilet paper would be counted as a Luxury in this situation.

Store out of goods
Man carrying supplies
Shop closed during pandemic

Sitting in my home reading news from across the globe I was wondering why Toilet Paper is such a necessity. Then I realized although the world as one global village but there are 2 worlds that still exists one that is Developed where citizens does not have to worry about the bread and butter but have to ensure hygiene needs are not compromised. Then there is another world which is under-developed or let’s use a optimistic word i.e. Developing or Still Developing world where people have to worry that they don’t run out of rice and pulses, hygiene will be taken care of if hunger is taken care first.

Shopping during pandemic

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